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Wireless Surveys with sUAS

The commercial use of drones for engineering and design assessments can help to augment ground based survey team capabilities and reduce the need to rent or purchase lifts and bucket trucks. Gaining an elevated perspective with an unmanned aerial system can quickly improve your project’s success.

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Wireless point to point network solutions are becoming the go to backhaul design choice for municipalities, large campus environments, or any other entity wishing to connect disparate sites that are within line of sight. With today’s wireless point-to-point technologies, broadcast quality throughput can be achieved and be almost virtually identical in speed and reliability as running a fiber connection.

Without all the costs, labor, and materials of a physical connection, the wireless option requires a number of different design criteria:

  1. Line of sight
  2. Clear Fresnel zone
  3. Secure mounting location

When assessing a project site for the design and implementation of a wireless transmission system, often times the proposed mounting locations may be a tall light pole, an inaccessible rooftop, or a structure that has not yet been put in place.

To ensure that the proposed wireless solution will operate as being designed, consider the use of an unmanned aerial system (UAS). Quickly, efficiently, and with little cost, an accurate line of sight can be verified.

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