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Drone Detection Needs Assessment

UAS Vues, LLC recently completed a drone detection system needs assessment.

A drone detection system (DDS) is technology equipment that can detect, track, and identify unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in a facility’s vicinity.

These systems, when deployed by commercial or most law enforcement, are passive in nature, meaning they do not interact or interfere with the flight systems of the UAS. They do not inhibit the aircraft and merely pick up on either radio frequencies, sound, or radar reflections.

A drone detection system is an effective way to extend a facility’s perimeter protection limitations and increase a facility’s visibility to incoming threats.

Perimeter protection is an entirely separate post, but essentially the goal is to DETECT incoming threats as soon as possible and as far away as possible. This enables security forces to DETER and RESPONSE before an adversary has the opportunity to attack.

The needs assessment performed by UAS Vues, LLC helped a local government agency in Westchester determine the realistic threats, existing vulnerabilities, and the overall risk of unknown drone flights over and around their facility. Based on the risk, recommendations for a DDS were made, as well as a five-year total cost of ownership calculated.

This allowed the Owner to make an intelligent decision regarding the implementation of technology, rather than a knee-jerk response to a new or pending incident.

The Owner now has the knowledge and the justification for budget endorsements and deployment schedules.

For your risk and needs assessment, contact us at sales@uasvues.com.

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